How to tell you

How to tell you,
That I need so much by my side,
That without you my days are  longer,
If you only know, how much I miss you,

It’s impossible to forget you,
& rip you away from soul,
Your memory is still in my mind,
But now you aren’t here,

What do I say to my heart,
When it asks me about you?
What do I do, when I need your fragrance & your body,
What do I do, when I’m alone and I need you just a little bit,
What do I say, when you’re far from me,

What do I say to my thoughts, even when I want to & try,
I am not able to forget you & erase you,
Tell please, how did you do it?
What do I say to all the stars,
When one day they ask me about you,
What do I say to the whole world?
When they see that you’re not with me.