If It’s Not with You

I can’t imagine,
Giving kisses to other lips,
If only yours are the only ones I want to kiss,
I have prohibited myself,

I’ve always wanted,
That your sweet voice,
Would be the voice that caresses me,
Every morning, when I wake up,
How do I explain to you,
My life wouldn’t have any sense,
If its not with you,

If its not with you,
I don’t even want to know,
How it feels to fall in love,
I don’t think I would find that sweetness,
In somebody else, or in another part,
Because even if I find somebody,
I know very well, I’m going to end up missing you,

If it’s not with you,
Tell me, please,
What am I going to do with,
These feelings & emotions,
If you already know,
Only by your side I can calm them,
Don’t ask me on day to,
Rip you away from my soul,
If it’s not with you,
I don’t want anything.