Platonic Love

You’re something unreachable,
I know that but I don’t understand,
I’m so hard headed to have you,
I haven’t lost faith,
I’m always delirious,
That I have you in my arms,
When I have the chance to see you,
I imagine so many things,
I do fantasies with you in my crazy mind,
& I stay like that always,
You’re my beautiful passion,
You’re my Platonic Love,
You’re the private passionate fruit,
I know well its impossible,
Your relationship & mine,
But I adore you in silence,
From a distance my love,

The truth, how I wish to be with you at least for five minutes,
If I can only be with you for five minutes that’s all I need,
But we have to be alone,
& nobody watching us.


World of Love

My chest has been filled with pure love,
Not even, when i’m asleep I can’t stop thinking of you,
I say your name & I don’t even notice,
You’re my life, I can’t stop being without you,
Everybody say, that I’m in love,
That you gave me something, that I am not the same,
That I spend my time day dreaming of you,
That you’ve broken my doors of love,
& truth is I am in love,
I see hearts all around you,
It’s because we were made for each other,
Together, we will make our world full of love,
I’ve tried to find defects on you & there is none,
& on the contrary, you have excess of beauty,
Whichever place is paradise with you,
With you I see faith in everything.

The Color of Your Eyes

The color of your eyes,
Woke up my interest,
& I only want to see you again,
& again,
Tell me its not prohibited,
Because perhaps I have courage to see you this Saturday at ten,

The color of your eyes,
Stole my attention,
You got inside my heart,
Perfect in every sense,
In jeans or in a dress,
You steal my breath,

How I wish & desire that you will be my dream that comes true,
I like you a lot,
& that’s the truth,
I feel excited,
I don’t know if it has happened to you,

Because if I could see you,
I would see you,
From Monday to Sunday,
Without stopping,
What I feel,
You can’t compare it,
& if you see me blush,
If you laugh at me,
I won’t be mad,
The only thing I know,
That I’m in love with you.


Look at me crying,
& waking up to the truth to the heavens,
Seen you
& feel,
I still believe in the mystery of your lips,
& your peace is the force that you give me,
I ask you for more from your eyes that hypnotize,
Maria, I will loyal to your love,
Inside you I hid,
I wanted to float in between your soul,
Give you warmth,
Steal the pain,
& drown in your innocence,
& if time does heal,
& dreams do rescue,
Look for me in your breath,
You’ll have me right there by your side,
You’re mine my love,
I want to give you the whole world,
When you have the whole universe,
Come hug my being,
I’d never lie to you,
I’ll be yours forever, my love.
Maria ❤

A dream about you

You came looking for me,
I was surprised,
& I asked you, “if you were okay?”
& you said,”I’m not okay, I feel like an idiot for not giving you an opportunity.”
then you told me you loved me,
& you asked me,”if I did”,
I answered, “I’ve always loved you.”
& you started to kiss me passionately,
I kissed you back,
I stopped & started crying of joy.
We looked into each others eyes, kissed some more,
while Selena’s “Dreaming of you” playing in the background.

That I Love You

That I love you,
& I feel complete when I’m by your side,
That I miss you,
& I can’t take it anymore if your not with me,
That love can take everything & tell,
It must be true because I only think about you,
& even though, we are distant,
I’m inlove with you more,
& I couldn’t avoid it,
I know there will be the moment,
Which we will run with each other,
& my heart will remind me of the love I have for you.

Part of my Heart

I was born marked with your love,
I felt your respiration,
I grew up dreaming of your skin,

I learned to love you without wanting to,
I pre-felt that you were the one,
I knew that I was going to meet you,

& the first day I saw you,
Everything around me paused,
It was like magic in you presence,

I have you in me, now,
I was made for you,
I imagined you like this,
You were inside me,
Since before the love,
You were already part of my heart,

Thinking of you,
Millions of nights,
I opened my soul,
& I found you,
It was you the only & only.

This Love Like Ours

Perhaps, it isn’t perfect,

This Love that has us, together,

That makes us lose,

The Reason,

The Rythym,

This is something different,

I see you,

& I want to steal a kiss from you,

Even though, you turn your back on me,

Because I know from the inside,

That you also desire it,

That you’re dying for it,

Whether, you like it or not,

What you feel,

Your gaze says it all,

Because a Love like ours,

You can’t deny it,

As much as we try to hide it,

A Love like ours,

is like going up to the Heavens,

& down,

A million of times,

Because a Love like ours,

is like stepping into Hell & then Paradise,

A combination of Passion & Pain,

Surrounded by Ego,

A Love like ours,

That fights through the winds,

& it’s still Alive…..

Run to me & hug me tight

I need to tell you,

the only thing I want,

that I’m desperate,

& according to my heart beat,

I only have a little bit time left,

& before I lose sight of my path,

I want to look at you for a little bit,

& Dream that my Destiny is with you, my love,

Stay for little bit to keep me company,

Stay a little bit more I want to feel you, 

like if you were mine,

& hug me…

Hug me…

Hug me tight…

Give me a reason,

I don’t want your compassion,

I want you to stay with me,

til, I leave…..

My Deepest Desire

Look, how this crazy guy is dying for you,

My heart can’t take it anymore,

He just wants to show you,

How does he loves you,

Its enormous the love he has for you,

He wants to give himself, spiritually, with his soul, heart to you,

So you can know that crazy guy in love with you,

I want to be, 

The love of your life,

The warmth of your bed,

& feel your kisses,

Be of you, to love you for enternity,

& Make you happy, happy,

is My Deepest Desire & Wish…