A dream about you

You came looking for me,
I was surprised,
& I asked you, “if you were okay?”
& you said,”I’m not okay, I feel like an idiot for not giving you an opportunity.”
then you told me you loved me,
& you asked me,”if I did”,
I answered, “I’ve always loved you.”
& you started to kiss me passionately,
I kissed you back,
I stopped & started crying of joy.
We looked into each others eyes, kissed some more,
while Selena’s “Dreaming of you” playing in the background.


That I Love You

That I love you,
& I feel complete when I’m by your side,
That I miss you,
& I can’t take it anymore if your not with me,
That love can take everything & tell,
It must be true because I only think about you,
& even though, we are distant,
I’m inlove with you more,
& I couldn’t avoid it,
I know there will be the moment,
Which we will run with each other,
& my heart will remind me of the love I have for you.

Part of my Heart

I was born marked with your love,
I felt your respiration,
I grew up dreaming of your skin,

I learned to love you without wanting to,
I pre-felt that you were the one,
I knew that I was going to meet you,

& the first day I saw you,
Everything around me paused,
It was like magic in you presence,

I have you in me, now,
I was made for you,
I imagined you like this,
You were inside me,
Since before the love,
You were already part of my heart,

Thinking of you,
Millions of nights,
I opened my soul,
& I found you,
It was you the only & only.