This Love Like Ours

Perhaps, it isn’t perfect,

This Love that has us, together,

That makes us lose,

The Reason,

The Rythym,

This is something different,

I see you,

& I want to steal a kiss from you,

Even though, you turn your back on me,

Because I know from the inside,

That you also desire it,

That you’re dying for it,

Whether, you like it or not,

What you feel,

Your gaze says it all,

Because a Love like ours,

You can’t deny it,

As much as we try to hide it,

A Love like ours,

is like going up to the Heavens,

& down,

A million of times,

Because a Love like ours,

is like stepping into Hell & then Paradise,

A combination of Passion & Pain,

Surrounded by Ego,

A Love like ours,

That fights through the winds,

& it’s still Alive…..


Run to me & hug me tight

I need to tell you,

the only thing I want,

that I’m desperate,

& according to my heart beat,

I only have a little bit time left,

& before I lose sight of my path,

I want to look at you for a little bit,

& Dream that my Destiny is with you, my love,

Stay for little bit to keep me company,

Stay a little bit more I want to feel you, 

like if you were mine,

& hug me…

Hug me…

Hug me tight…

Give me a reason,

I don’t want your compassion,

I want you to stay with me,

til, I leave…..

My Deepest Desire

Look, how this crazy guy is dying for you,

My heart can’t take it anymore,

He just wants to show you,

How does he loves you,

Its enormous the love he has for you,

He wants to give himself, spiritually, with his soul, heart to you,

So you can know that crazy guy in love with you,

I want to be, 

The love of your life,

The warmth of your bed,

& feel your kisses,

Be of you, to love you for enternity,

& Make you happy, happy,

is My Deepest Desire & Wish…



You are the one that steals my sleep,

You were,

You will be,

& You will always be,

The woman that I want to wake up next with,

The woman that I want to wake up to,

Truth is, I’m so in love with your soul,

I’ve never seen such a gorgeous woman,

With your love, I always want to end with.

Inside your heart, I want to in, forever.

& I ask myself

& I ask myself,

if you also wake up during the nights,

with this fear of someone one else,

could end up kisssing me,

& you’ve cried,

because you were about to call,

& I ask myself,

if this life is distancing us apart….

You can ask me

You can ask me for anything,

Steal a second from a full moon,

You can ask me for anything,

Disappear without a trace, 

so nobody can find us,

You can ask me for,

All my kisses covering you from head to toe,

Ask me to fill your world with true love..

But never ask me to leave you, to stop loving you, to forget you,

Nothing that has to deal with,

having you, taking care of you, Loving you this way….