These feelings

What am I going to do with this feelings?

These feelings that just grew and grew,

These feelings that is boiling my blood with passion,

That won’t let me sleep at night,

That is eating my flesh,

I can’t just tell you,

The only thing I can do is show you,

If you gave me the opportunity. 


Choosing you

Even after every million,

Every billion,

My soul,

My heart,

Keeps choosing you.

They only want you.

My thoughts

You’re in my thoughts like 24/7.

Like one day, 

I felt telepathy between you & I.

Cause I felt a great sadness in me,

And I just stared at the tv for a moment,

Thinking about you all of a sudden.


I See

I see you in every women,

In any actress,

In any singer,

I see you everywhere,

Is this love that I’m feeling?

Are you the one, I’ve been searching for?

Because I’m breaking myself into two.


Love Without Words

How can I show you, my love

That this love is immense that I have for you,

Not even a million of words would be enough,

Not even the languages of this universe,

I’ve searched for you in the most beaiitiful songs,

The best one that can tell you, how I feel,

One by one, I discarded them.

Because from all of them,

The best that I found was my silence,

Love without words,

Is the best love,

Because only by looking at you,

You can tell I love you,

Love without words,

An affection without any secrets,

Because nothing is said and the whole world knows,

Don’t tell me that you love me it’s not necessary,

The wind blows words away,

Place yourself in my arms,

& silently,

Let our lips weakened in a kiss.



When I saw you with your friends,

I wanted to meet you.

Before I met you, I said to myself,

I want to Marry Her.

I think, we do compliment each other,

And I love and support what you do.


Dreams pt. III

The more I dream about you,

The more I never want to wake up,

Cause in those moments,

I’m something, I’m someone in your life.

And I also have you so close,

Yet so far.



Since, I’ve seen you,

I’ve had sleepless nights.

Sometimes, I think If I’m awake in your dreams,

But I want to be awake in your life,

Because  I have so much to give to you.


Dreams pt. II

They say, dreams tell the future,

I hope all the dreams I had about you.

Become real.

It’s with you, that I want to grow old with.



It happens to me almost all the time as well.

But it never does happen,

I guess, the other me, in another universe is fortunate to be dating you already.

Lucky him.